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How Do You Get Orange Juice Stain Out of Carpet?

Carpet is one of the most precious things in your house. Moreover, carpets make the first impression on people in terms of cleanliness. Therefore, you must make sure to clean your carpets at regular intervals. Even remove the accidental stains from your carpets. However, it is very challenging to remove stains from carpets. But with proper tools and solutions, you can easily remove any type of stain from the carpets. So, in this article, we will be answering the question – How Do You Get Orange Juice Stain Out of Carpet? Therefore attentively read this article for the elimination of orange juice stains from your carpet. Also, you must treat the orange juice stain as soon as possible. 

 Get Orange Juice Stain Out of Carpet

Steps for Removing Orange Juice Stain From Your House Carpet 

You may be giving orange juice to your kids regularly. However, an accident may happen and your kid may drop orange juice on the carpet. Unfortunately, this results in permanent orange juice stains on your carpet. Well don’t worry with the below steps or solutions we will solve your worry – “How Do You Get Orange Juice Stain Out of Carpet?” Thus follow the below steps very carefully. 

  • Step -1: If you or any member of your family drops orange juice on the carpet, never ignore those accidents. Regardless, you must react as soon as possible to remove the orange juice from the carpet. Firstly you must take a clean towel and place it on the stain. Place a clean towel on the stain that will absorb the juice from the carpet. Moreover, you can even compress the stain as it’s a pretty good job of stopping the stain from becoming permanent. 
  • Step-2: Now comes the step of how you can remove or eliminate the orange juice stain from the carpet. Well, there are many DIY methods for removing stains from the carpet. Among them, white vinegar is the best medicine for removing orange juice stains from the carpet. Thus use a clean cloth for wetting the stained area with white vinegar. Do not apply white vinegar with bare hands directly. Otherwise directly applying white vinegar to the carpet will affect its fabric. 
  • Step-3: As mentioned there are many solutions or DIY methods for eliminating permanent orange juice stains from the carpet. Well apart from white vinegar, you can even use dishwater detergent for removing orange juice stains from the carpet. Thus make a dishwasher detergent solution with the water. Mix dishwasher detergent with 150 ml of warm water. Then apply this solution with a clean and dry towel. After 3-4 minutes rinse the solution with cold water. Dishwasher detergent and water solution will not only remove the orange juice stain but also remove stickiness on the carpet. Therefore for permanent orange juice stain removal use the above solution or mixture. 

Easy-to-Follow Methods for Removing the Orange Juice Stain From The Carpet 

  • Method 1: Blot the orange juice stain with a towel, and absorb liquid as much as possible. Then after absorbing you can spray a lukewarm on the infected area which is an orange juice stain. However, make sure while applying lukewarm that it’s not too hot. Thus even blot the orange juice from the carpet in continuous motion. So, that no orange juice stain becomes permanent on your carpet. In addition, you can even use one teaspoon of shampoo with warm water on the stain. Thus apply the solution to the carpet with a clean cloth. And after a few minutes rinse it will clean water. 
  • Method-2: The second method for removing the orange juice stain from the carpet is making a mixture of white vinegar with ½ cup of warm water. Instead of white vinegar, you can even use any household vinegar. Thus after making the above solution pour it into a clean spray bottle. Then directly spray the solution into the infected area. Moreover, you can also use lemon and baking soda solutions for eliminating orange juice stains from the carpet. After spraying the vinegar solution clean with normal tap water and a damp clean towel. Thus after cleaning it with water place a towel on the stain and put heavy objects on the carpet for a few hours. If the orange juice stain is still lightly visible then use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Thereby eliminating orange juice stains permanently from your carpet. With the above solution, we hope your problem will be solved that is: How Do You Get Orange Juice Stain Out of Carpet? 


With a hustle and bustle of life, you may not take out time to save your carpet from accidents. No matter how carefully you behave, some spills occur on your carpet. Therefore, never take a risk on your carpet and contact certified professionals for the stain treatment. As professionals know every way to treat your carpet stain rightly. Moreover, experts use the best tools and solutions for carpet stain removal. However, in case of emergency, you can follow the above orange juice stain elimination tips. You can always hire our expert for affordable professional carpet repair services Adelaide.

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