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How To Get Cat Pee Out Of Carpet

Cats are wonderful friends to humans, but the odour from their peeing may linger for a long time. Thankfully there are certain actions you may do to get rid of the cat urine from your carpet. By carefully cleaning up the urine and then working hard to deodorize the area, you can make the carpets smell normal. There are several procedures out there to do it, All the techniques can be used whenever they are found useful. By ignoring the issue, You may face several health issues due to pet pee if not caught on time. Tackling the cat pee odour and stains can be a hustle. Therefore you need to take immediate action regarding the same. Delay in time can lead to making the stains and the odour stubborn, which makes it unpleasant for the usage of carpets. 

Having a cat pee on your carpets is a common issue that you can’t avoid. If you don’t know how to clean the pee, then it can tend to damage the lower layers of the carpet. Since carpets are highly absorbent, the urine directly absorbs into the bottom layers as soon as your cat pees on the carpet. To avoid the damage, you need to follow certain measures that will help you in minimizing the damage. Here is a guide on how to get cat pee out of the carpet. 

Get Cat Pee Out Of Carpet

Here Is The Process That Is Involved In Getting Rid Of The Cat Pee From The Carpet

It is very important to identify the intensity of the cat pee; in order to establish certain strategies on how to get the cat pee out of the carpet. The damage it can do to your carpets is a bigger concern than the odour itself. In rare instances, it even causes the carpet to grow mould. The growth of mould is an indication of the growth of fungus. This can ruin the appearance of the carpet so in order to avoid it, you need to take immediate action. If you delay, the dried urine then crystallizes and becomes concentrated and smelly. At this stage, It becomes very difficult to get rid of the odour. And it also becomes tough to restore the carpet condition. It is necessary for you to follow the following steps: 


  • Blotting with a clean cloth is the first step in getting rid of the cat pee. 
  • In certain cases, you can even use paper towels for quick absorption of the moisture, if there are any residues. 
  • You need to perform this step quickly, in order to stop additional absorption.


  • If you have access to shop-vac, any left-over pee can also be extracted using this.
  • With the usage of this, we can remove the cat pee effectively. 

Cleaning With Cleanser:

  • After this, we use an enzyme-based cleaner. This is formulated for the removal of pet stains and pet pee. 
  • Using the manufacturers’ instructions you can use this on the affected area as per the directions.
  • Most of the time, the liquid answer should be combined with warm water. 
  • It is then transferred into a spray bottle, which you should then make use for spraying.

Preparing With Vinegar Solution:

  • If the smell is not completely gone, then you need to try using the vinegar solution. 
  • You can prepare the vinegar solution by mixing equal quantities of water and white vinegar.
  • Now you need to apply this solution to the affected area. This will break down the smell and help in the complete removal of the odour.


  • After pouring the vinegar solution you need to scrub the area using a scrub brush. You need to make sure the vinegar solution is worked into carpet fibres properly. 


  • After letting the vinegar solution sit for a while. you need to now blot the area using a paper towel. 


  • Once the above steps are done, you need to follow them up with deodorization. This helps in the complete removal of odour and makes it convenient for you to use your carpet.  

Your carpet will be free of odour and cat pee, by carrying out the above instructions on how to get cat pee out of the carpet. There is a greater chance of bacterial development since there is pee on the carpets. If you do not get the desired results before allowing the above steps you can always seek help from the professional team. Since they are skilful and experienced they know how to deal with the problem.


Daily instances of pet peeing are quite possible. To be safe you must take necessary precautions on how to get cat pee out of the carpet. If the situation is out of control, you can always rely on professional services. They’ll get rid of even the stubborn concerns. Though we love our fur buddies, we can absolutely despise the urine stains that the cat pee can leave on our carpets. With the usage of proper cleansers, you can get the absolute results that you desire. The only concern is to implement them properly. Keeping in mind the type of carpet fabric and the cleansers that you use is very important. Because that’s where most people make mistakes. And this can lead to irreversible damages. To avoid this, you can always follow our guide or hire our local expert for same-day carpet restretching in Adelaide at an affordable price.

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